Nastia Ross is a Russian-born textile artist with a passion for knitting and a vision for bringing 3D textiles into space. Her inspiration comes from observing the complex functions of nature in action and the efforts that humans make to fit in with their futile minds and stubborn bodies. 

As an investigative journalist in a volatile environment after the collapse of the USSR, Nastia observed first-hand the most bizarre ways of gaining and retaining wealth and power that people used hoping to secure safety for themselves. At the same time, millions of displaced individuals were on the same pursuit of safety in makeshift homeless camps. Safety was elusive for either of these groups, and both were gladly substituting comfort for it. 

Safety and hostility, comfort and uncomfortable became a revolving topic in Nastia Ross’s work, ranging from an artistic response to trauma to a development of bullet-proof textile constructions. 

Nastia currently resides in Portland, OR and runs her own textile research and development studio Knit Concrete (