Holly Gaboriault combines curation, documentary film, and design narration working within archives, institutions, and communities for interdisciplinary storytelling. Her work explores multivocality in history, design, and cultural narratives through research, film, exhibition and community programming. Holding a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, Holly returned to RISD to join the inaugural class of the Global Arts and Cultures Masters program. Throughout her career she worked and researched in both private and public art and design archives; held positions as an Art Director and Director of Programming; provided strategic consultation for cultural and educational organizations; and served in leadership roles on several non-profit boards of directors.  

Holly’s ongoing research explores design methodologies, decolonizing research, and systemic absence. Since 2012, her documentary film projects include producing and directing a series featuring artists, curators, museum directors, and historians; and the 2019-2021 RISD Research Perspectives media series, expanding interdisciplinary dialogues within art and design research. During 2020-2021, she was the research assistant to the RISD Research Director, a Maharam STEAM Fellow and a Pedagogical Innovation Research Fellow. She currently works in Providence, RI on documentary film projects and providing strategic consultation for creative and cultural institutions.